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Tree removal
Tree removal

Owner is present for all jobs

If you have trees on your property that need to be removed, you can always count on Charlie Seek Services. Our owner is a licensed tree removal expert in Maryland. Finally, you can free up space on your property or eliminate hazardous trees, all at a reasonable price!

No matter what, you’ll always see our owner supervising your tree removal service. This ensures that each and every tree removal job gets completed without a hitch. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. With our owner on-site, you won’t ever be disappointed!

Pre-removal mapping

Before your tree removal service takes place, our crew will come by your property and conduct a pre-removal mapping of the area and the trees that need to be removed.


The pre-removal mapping is necessary in order to create the most effective tree removal plan.

Crane service available

It doesn’t matter how big the trees on your property are, because we’ve got a crane service available for the removal of even the tallest of trees.


Additionally, stump grinding services are available. For more information, please call us at 410-519-7001.

Safe and affordable tree removal services